photo by Jospeh Gruenthal

photo by Jospeh Gruenthal


i am a freelance cinematographer, photographer, and filmmaker based on the west side of Chicago.

Having been brought up in the small towns of the Midwest, my journey to becoming a filmmaker begins with me moving from a small town in Wisconsin to the great Windy City to study music. What started as a mere hobby, I started snapping and documenting life and moments with my iPhone, which proceeded to spur a curiosity for visual communication. The natural evolution and discovery of different art forms, i.e. audio production, music, street photography and movies, seemed to collide together to a love for film. It was clear from that moment on.

Opportunities seemed to have to met at the right place at the right time, and a future in filmmaking and photography took off after I began making promotional videos for my alma mater, and working as a videographer for a local camp. That solidified a love for not just painting with light, but telling stories.

Since graduating college in 2017 with a degree in communications, I found myself pursuing a career in freelance cinematography and filmmaking. Today, I work with brands such as Arc’teryx, Adidas, Postmates, The Hoxton, WeWork and more, and have a long list of creative collaborators I work with on a regular basis. I am known for my careful attention to detail, maintaining a high standard of image quality with every project I work on. Having formatively been brought up in the greater midwest, I now work in film full time, and reside on the west side of Chicago.

Notable brands I have worked with: